NZ, 2020

memory notes:

-the first drive from the airport, and just laughing in the car at the hilarity of driving on the left side at 10pm
-Auckland’s anniversary fireworks and the audible ‘wow’ commentators
-the drive to Piha with the windows down, the wall of blue that crept into sight that turned out to be the god damn beautiful ocean, the smell of flowers in the air
-the smell of grass and green walking through the city
-the absolutely, insane, winding, drive to Coromandel
-Ruel’s performance at Laneway
-landing so sleep deprived in Queenstown and laughing at how, insanely, ridiculously, breathtaking it was
-the ducks floating on the water, and the seagull that squawked
-8:30p standing on the dock feeling grounded and present (rare) and the water color was like the same blue
-the stars out the first night, haven’t seen anything like that since 2012 in the woods
-watching the wind blow through the trees, and thousands of leaves, driving to Arrowtown

times i’ve seen the same blue
-Long beach when people were swimming/rowing in the morning
-San diego sea glass collecting
-Ontario rowing at the royal henley

times i’ve seen or felt the same perspective of soul grounding mountains
-san Bernardino hang gliding
-first time driving to Park City for Sundance
-the drive to Bend

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This is my brain yammering away while the sun is up at midnight

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