A gratitude list for recovery (arm version)

-Having minimal tingling/nerve pain after surgery
-The ability to move all of my fingers after the anesthesia wore off
-Getting off the pain medication
-Being able to reach and touch my face
-Being able to tie my hair
-Opening faucets
-Being able to drive
-Sleeping without ice
-Biceps and other muscle fibers starting to activate
-Decreased swelling
-Being able to carry heavier things like a full tea kettle
-Closing faucets
-Opening a jar
-Surgery scar becoming less sensitized
-Writing at a faster speed with legible handwriting
-Full extension
-less ulnar nerve pain as strength increases
-No more shoulder clicking
-Reaching my neck on the injured side
-Being able to carry an almost full grocery bag with one hand
-Increasing weight at PT
-Driving a shopping cart with one hand
-Less shakey exercises at PT (eccentric 3lb tricep type)
-12 week post-op x-ray showing no more fractures
-Closer to full flexion (148 degrees)

Published by ENJOYALYSSA

This is my brain yammering away while the sun is up at midnight

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