A gratitude list for recovery (arm version)

-Having minimal tingling/nerve pain after surgery-The ability to move all of my fingers after the anesthesia wore off-Getting off the pain medication-Being able to reach and touch my face-Being able to tie my hair-Opening faucets-Being able to drive-Sleeping without ice-Biceps and other muscle fibers starting to activate-Decreased swelling -Being able to carry heavier things likeContinue reading “A gratitude list for recovery (arm version)”

a list of setbacks and rebounds

I’m doing pretty good but I’ve suffered, laughed, mourned, and tried to stay present through it all Here is a list of setbacks and rebounds to catch you up setbacks -laying down in the back of taxis because I just needed a break -not being able to lift a water jug up to its dispenserContinue reading “a list of setbacks and rebounds”

Yearbook Notes I Wish I’d Written

To coach Jim Villa at Jersey Wahoos Swim Club, where I basically grew up in the water, staring at a black line forever: Thank you for teaching me how to speed up my arm turn-over. And how to improve my backstroke technique. And for that one time you mimed kicking my butt to get inContinue reading “Yearbook Notes I Wish I’d Written”

5 Ways to Game Your Bad Days

I recently read somewhere, “you’ve survived 100% of your worst days so far“.  And if you’re reading this, it’s probably be true. You’ve made it here mostly intact. I’ve had some days when life’s gutted me so badly that I thought: I’m really not going to make it through this one, am I? How amContinue reading “5 Ways to Game Your Bad Days”